Meet The CrAsh

The title was so stale right? Haha. 

Welcome. Welcome. 

My name is Ashlynn (call me Ash, please)

I love to be bold, take risks, and make every single moment count; those moments are even better captured! ⚓

I am probably one of the strangest people you will ever meet. #BornBlondeAndWeird

I am a…

Photographer, Fellow Music Enthusiast, Bibliophile, and A Fiction/Fantasy Writer 

My favorite genres are…

Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Contemporary, Fantasy, Young Adult

I am…
  1. Homegrown from the woods of Pennsylvania.
  2. Country Girl by Heart 💙
  3. Passionate about Literature (all forms)
  4. An Overly Obsessed Bibliophile
  5. Teenager who has no life unless you count all the lives I’ve lived through books. 😉
Quotes I love:
  • I read like the ink from the book is oxygen and I’m gasping for breath.
  • Ever realize how surreal reading a book is? You stare at slivers of a tree for hours on end, hallucinating vividly.
  • I get drunk off that old book smell in the library. Hammered? Nah son. Grammared.
  • The adventures I enjoy are usually of the literary nature.
  • I love thunderstorms, because sometimes nature can’t handle the pressure, because sometimes the sky explodes.
  • She acts like Summer and walks like Rain.
  • You’re a diamond dear, they can’t break you.
  • Pain shapes a woman, into a warrior; 

Thank you SO much for reading about me! I hope you enjoy my future posts.

Feel Free to Check Out My Photography Portfolio 

Short girl out; Signed, 



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