Beautifully Damaged/Forgotten/Decadent 💛

Book 1:

There’s a lot of graphic content in these books, but aside from that the love is beyond beautiful. He’s a broken man and she’s a wonderful woman, the push/pull of their relationship was just very real for me. Everything was excellently described, I could picture the entire thing throughout my mind. Everything that happened was intense and genuine. I was brought into this world. When I was reading this series I didn’t want to do anything but read them. I couldn’t keep from saying “just one more page” and then I end up finishing the books haha. Recommend if you don’t mind the graphic content.

Book 2:

Wow. This book was very intimate and equally intense, as I read this trilogy I got more and more attached. Usually in series as the books go on they get worse and worse. But this trilogy was marvelous. I kept up very well, and didn’t get confused. Characters were immensely developed. The plot line was very well thought out and written. I loved this trilogy very very much. I believe I cried in all three so they’re those kinds of books but WORTH THE TEARS!!!

Book 3:

LOVE LOVE AND MORE LOVE. The last one of the trilogy and it set my heart on fire. I absolutely admired and cherished this with my soul. ❤ Gah it was wonderful

Short Girl Out, Signed;


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