Life Of The Party🎤

I read this book back in January, and it excelled my expectations. 
It was an emotional roller coaster for sure. If you don’t like reading about drug abuse, and that life then I don’t recommend you read this but aside from that it is amazing. 
The characters were VERY well developed *which is like, goals* the plot was just very to the point. I fell in love with so many of the characters.
Christine Anderson did a wonderful job at description and making everything very realistic. Although it had a semi-happy ending, the unexpected hurt my heart a little.
Can I just say….the plot twist was unbelievable. Depending on the reader, some might say it was expected but it’s literature so who knows.
When I first started reading this I was hooked, from the description I was unsure but the first chapter got me ‘hook, line and sinker’
I’m in love with this book. Recommend it strongly.
Short Girl Out, Signed;

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