The Selection Series: Books 1-5 👑

Book 1:    I’m still processing everything that just happened and I feel so many emotions from this read. My great friend told me I HAD to read this book and I got it in my hands as soon as I could. I started this book yesterday morning and fell in love with the story-line.

I’m undeniably going to read the rest of the series. Can we just talk about Celeste?!? If you have read this, I assume you understand me. She is ‘as my friend Allie would say’ *bad words*. I felt a connection with America, in a strange way I felt like I became her. Or maybe we are just so similar as people, that I understood her. I believe I lost a small piece of myself in these pages. In the frustrating parts I could tell my mood changed with the words. All of the emotions overwhelmed me. Strange how that works…
This book is purely amazing and I recommend it to everyone. I couldn’t stop reading it once I started. You have to read this. I promise you, it will be the best choice you make ‘in the book word’. 

Book 2:

Okay wow. Um. Yeah so that happened. 
The Elite blew my mind in the most frustrating way possible. Some scenes we’re extremely intense and heartbreaking. The confusion, frustration, and emotion this book conveys is just gah! I loved it but it definitely does the un-explainable to your heart. Ever get so mad at characters? Yeah this book does that. Prince Maxon ughhhhhhh, then Mer needs to figure her feels out, Celeste is most hated by me, like there’s always a girl like her haha. WHYYY?! At the end some things got figured out and I was like awe but there were some unanswered questions. Waiting for The One next! I don’t typically like re-reading books (I know curse me) but this series I definitely would!

Book 3:

I honestly didn’t think a book could be so heartbreaking. I am saluting Kiera Cass right now because wow, you’re an amazing writer, how’d you do that to my feels?! This series has broken me apart and carefully put me back together over and over again. The One was the most “action filled” and I felt the moments as if I was a character. This book made me cry…I’ll admit it. I literally lost my soul in these pages. I was happy, terrified, relieved, terrified again, and happy moments were splashing around underneath the torture. I loved this book through and through, all of the characters are just AGH I love them. Oh and just wait, I end up loving Celeste, I know you’re like “What’s wrong with you?” But trust me, you’ll love her. I’m happy and heartbroken at the same time. 

Book 4:

I’m finishedddddddd! Kiera Cass, once again I’m praising you. I love Eadlyn but I kept getting frustrated with her. She’s sassy, sometimes not the nicest. Then she has super sweet moments and I’m like girl, you remind me of Maxon. How can one leave off with such a cliffhanger? GAHHHHH I need the next one because this is torture. I loved this book so much! I have to thank my wonderful wonderful friend Allie Gator for getting me into this series. Love you Gator! xox I’ve borrowed the whole series from my library but I will be purchasing them to add to my shelf! It’s a must read!

The Heir is based on Maxon and Americas daughter, Eadlyn. Her parents are the ones who suggested the Selection and she didn’t even like the idea. She got thrown into the Selection process and is very guarded. Her heart is surrounded by walls. Some of the Suitors in the Selection remind me of Celeste (in the first book) but worse! Can one of these men break those walls down? 
*Spoiler Alert* It doesn’t happen in this book. She begins to admire the men for their own qualities but there’s no love involved. The ending is literally tormenting me. Good luck. 

Book 5:

** spoiler alert ** *Tears staining my cheeks* 
So um yeah that uh yeah. 
I can’t even form sentences like what just happened Eadlyn. Honestly? I’m going to miss this series so much. I fell in love with character after character. I was very disappointed that she didn’t fall in love with Kile the way she fell in love with Eikko, but in the end it was very sweet and adorable. Each and every book in this series broke my heart a million different times in they’re own way. The writing gives me goose bumps like its just unimaginable. I seriously feel like I lost a friend finishing this series. I absolutely loveeeee Eadlyn’s relationship with her brothers. It is so sweet and they all genuinely adore each other. Its like the world of perfect sibling relationships. America and Maxon are still delightful like hello cute couple. These are the types of books that give me hope for love. As soon as I start reading them, I am instantly transported to their world. I feel all the emotions its like a wave of life. Kiera Cass writes fiction so insanely realistic. I have to thank one of my greatest friends in the whole wide world for convincing me to read these. I’ve never been really into the whole princess, castle, fairytale books but these books are just so lovable. Allie Gator thank you so much for bringing me into the Selection world. Now we understand each other on a different level. I love you so much! ❤ ❤
This ENTIRE series is a must read. Seriously I recommend it. Get on it. You have to read this. 

Short Girl Out, Signed;


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