A Court Of Thorns And Roses 🌹


*Inhales Deeply*

When I first bought this book I was taking a leap of faith. There’s a lot of controversy of whether this one was good or not.
For me,
IT WAS SO GOOD. Let me explain…

I enjoyed the plot but it took me 3/4 the book to get actually engaged into the land of Prythian.
The characters are f’n phenomenal, like hello you’re amazing. SJM put so much effort into building their personalities and they were just mind-blowing.
I have never read anything from the fantasy genre that I’ve liked but you put this precious story out there and changed that.

Let’s talk about the characters… 

I am 110% Team Tamlin, everyone is saying I’ll end up hating him and that breaks my heart because right now he’s my go-to fictional love. 

Lucien’s humor is on friggin’ point like, you’re funny and cute *lets make out*

Feyre I liked her character, she was bad*ss and courageous, but I was yelling at her a lot for making so many stupid decisions.

Nesta I hated her until nearly the end of this. She was portrayed as ungrateful and selfish (which I understand why, now) but I disliked her a lot for most of the story.

Elain, Feyre’s Father, & Isaac I didn’t feel anything for these characters. They were just outsiders to me.

I almost forgot… Amarantha I have never hated a character so much in my YA reading life. I don’t only dislike her, I shed pure physical hate for her. That’s all I have to say about that woman…lol

Bogge, Suriel, Puca, & Naga For being ‘side pieces’ they were decently developed and intriguing characters. Their individual scenes were something to be reckon with.

Rhysand (purposely saved for last) Omg when I first met you, I dropped the book. You’re bold entrance at the manor had me shocked. I was like no, no, no! You’re hot but your personality and how you treat Feyre is a hugggge turn off for me (I know I am gonna get shamed because so many people love you). In the end you became a decent guy, but I still am not gushing over you yet lol

I was interested but not grasped until nearly the end, it took me forever to read this because it wasn’t a constant page turner for me. I wanted to read it non-stop but my brain was like nah. 

Once I got about half-way to 3/4 of the way through I got super engaged and was sucked into a black tunnel of ‘oh ma gawd’. I cried and laughed and screamed and then I was ‘aweing’ and then repeated those in random order about 500 times. I love Tamlin-Feyre together like YAS. YOU ARE GOALS OKAY?

I didn’t understand Lucien until his story was told a little more and then I could finally see him as a selfless, amazing, humorous being. Once he was revealed, and I knew more, I fell in love with his character. Especially at the end.. When I finished this book I was in the middle of a classroom so I was trying extremely hard not to shed tears. awkward . I had to re-read the last 5 chapters about 3 times, in order to wrap my head around everything that happened.

I couldn’t write my review until I, one hundred percentprocessed all the emotions and anxiety this book gives you. This book was really good and I absolutely adored it. I can’t wait to get ACOMAF in my hands. I now breathe, bleed, and live for this book. It’s a close second of my favorites to John Green’s (Looking for Alaska). I thank everyone who recommended it to me, and everyone who hasn’t read it, NEEDS to. GO BUY IT. S.J.M you are undeniably an amazing writer. I only rated it 4/5 stars because it took me so long to get into it and to enjoy the story.

Short girl out,

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