Elissa Blue -T.K Perry 🌄

4.5 ⭐
I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.. 

Overall Opinion’s 
◾The plot was essentially wonderful. 
◾The writing was grand and exceptionally pleasing to me.
◾The characters were very developed and admirable. 

Main Characters 
🔳 Cari – I liked her character and I agreed with Elissa when she said Cari acted ‘motherly’ towards her. I can relate. 
🔳 Elissa – I thoroughly enjoyed her character, she was extremely well developed and I felt a connection with her thoughts and emotions. I could relate to her more than any of the others.
🔳 Mit – I always thought he was decent and humorous. Personality aside, I wasn’t particularly routing for him to get with Elissa.
🔳 Holis (aka. Bat) – I was your biggest fan! I wanted you to be the one more than anything. (view spoiler)
🔳 Tull – Sweet, sweet Tully. You were always so gentle and had a heart of gold. UGH I loved you so much (I didn’t exactly want Elissa to pick you but you still held my heart in your precious hands). 
🔳 Other guys who weren’t particularly a huge deal – I apologize in advance for routing for none of you. Hopefully your ego isn’t damaged. *eyeroll* 
🔳 All of Elissa’s Siblings – I appreciated all of you equally, you were very caring in all in your own specific ways. I found myself aweing at your actions (all of you)
🔳 Elissa’s Parents – I salute you both, in the beginning it was rocky for the father part but I found myself loving him in the end (as a father). Pelidne (the mom) reminded me of my own mom, and was very sweet, caring, and you could tell she loved her children dearly. 

Main Review
truly loved this book, it melted my heart into a little puddle of happiness and left me content in my surrounding feels. I could relate to so much that happened it was almost unreal. This book was like a safety net for me, in the book world. I knew from page one, I was going to enjoy it. I don’t typically fall into the magic of fantasy-contemporary genre, because I personally have never been a huge fan of fantasy. This book was highly well written and I loved every second! I felt a connection with the characters, I laughed quite a bit. It was a little emotional, but the melancholy feels weren’t hitting completely home for me. I don’t usually appreciate the whole ‘daddy issues’ thing in books, but this was completely understandable and was settled exceptionally well. This was a constant page turner for me and I was engrossed in the story 100%. I only gave this book 4.5⭐ because the just ending wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more! I’m not a huge fan of endings that leave me with tons of unanswered questions. Overall I was in love with this book! 

Short Girl Out, Signed;


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