Looking For Alaska 💨

This will forever be my holy grail book from John Green. This book is a godsend I swear. It tore my heart apart, piece by piece. “It’s better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all” THAT IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS BOOK. I literally cry every time I read J.G’s books but this was overall the most emotional one of them all. So many unanswered questions and I will never forget this book. All I have to do is think of the title and the ending begins to haunt me all over again. The last pages left question marks on my heart. They’re tattooed into my brain. It is mind boggling how a writer has this power over their readers. This book is like friggin’ marriage I swear. I am locked to it. Never forgotten. GAH I JUST CANT EVEN BREATHE RIGHT NOW. I would read this a million times over, but *lets be honest I need a break to recover my heart in between readings* I absolutely recommend to every reader in the world. Do it. You have to. Be careful it will hurt and make you laugh. Tears of joy/sadness/brokenness, EVERYTHING. 
(I feel like I did excessive yelling in this review) 

Short girl out,

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