Pale Queen Rising 💙


I went into this book with low expectations, I’ve never been one for Fantasy at all. Recently, I’ve been easing into that genre and I am beginning to love it. 

Early on you begin to understand the purpose of the plot, but you still don’t quite know where it’s going to lead you. I found myself wondering if everything was going to unravel in one big boom, or if it would slide into the ending throughout the chapters.

A.R Kahler flowed into the topic of homosexuality very freely, and it didn’t feel forced at all. He wrote it carefully and casually. I also enjoyed how he incorporated parts of his own life in the story; aka the whole circus dealio. It was an easy read and I was surely hooked by the very first page. 

Claire is without any doubt a badass and I freaking loved her character from the beginning. She’s fierce and doesn’t let anyone walk all over her. She grew up with her mother beating “you cannot be useless” into her thoughts. Claire wasn’t really in touch with her feelings and didn’t want anything to do with emotional attachment throughout this book. This really shaped her characters personality. Claire’s mother Mab, also told her friendship makes you weak. Don’t trust people, and Emotional Attachment is for the useless. She was always being used as a tool for her mother, always had to do the dirty work. As a female assassin which isn’t easy to pull off in fiction (in my opinion) A.R Kahler wrote her perfectly, I couldn’t find a flaw in her well being at all. I can’t say a whole lot without regarding spoilers, but as a male writing female lead you are friggin’ great A.R. 

Mab (Claire’s Mother) I didn’t hate her, but I wanted to SO BAD! I just often wished she wasn’t so closed off and didn’t tell Claire she was replaceable along with everyone else. She was greatly egotistical (what more should I expect from a Queen though). Mab taught Claire to always rely on herself and don’t trust easily. Which I think made Claire better off, so I do admire her for that, but as a mother she was never really there.

Eli (Claire’s Right Hand Man) cracked me up, he was always teasing Claire, and getting on her last nerve but he was always doing the work she needed him to do. His powers regularly outranked Claire’s because he was a Fey and she was a mortal, but Claire always led. She was written as not a big fan of him and you could feel the frustration, but I think deep down she saw him as a good acquaintance. 

Kingston (The Magician) GAHHH! I freakin’ loved and resented Kingston off and on so much. He was very appealing and sexy, confident and just ugh delicious. But his cockiness was overwhelming at times, he just seemed off in parts (can’t say why..because spoilers). He reminded me of the older brother type towards Claire even though they had romantic moments. (that sounds so strange like incest-y but they’re not related!!! AH) You can’t help but fall under his spell, he was so full of attraction. and Just….yeah he was great.


*Side note*
Claire’s bath moments, just her and her alcohol….Were literal goals, just the bubbles, honestly those scenes were every girls dream I swear.

The ending left me with closure but also questioning. Everything finished off nicely while leaving enough wonder for the next book. This book exceeded all expectations and I loved it greatly. I will definitely be reading the next on of the Pale Queen series. 

Notable Quotes 
“I inhale deeply, and it’s not just the scent of espresso and cheap cologne that washes over my taste buts, but secrets..”

“I stare at myself in that light, tracing the scars that line my body like scores to lost music…”

“I passed over my usual work attire for a slightly more revealing purple bra under a sheer T-Shirt and skinny jeans combo. I can still kick ass in it, but it makes my ass so much perkier!”

“Monsters can come from anywhere with a flat surface. We just need a door, and if it’s a flat plane, it can be a door. Chew on that the next time you’re reading a book about demonic possession. Pages are flat planes, too.” 

“Dream has this feel to it, almost a scent- it’s like the tingle right before a lightning storm, that scent of rain and electricity.”

“Is it wrong that that seems kind of romantic, us both being humans who bleed the same color? It’s funny the things you take for granted when you live among the Fey.”

“He’s clearly the lead ballerina or whatever they call it in modern dance foo-foo land-”

“I’m not some damsel in distress that needs to be saved by you, and I’m not the same easy little girl you can win over with a nice ass and wit.”

“You are a weapon. And you will stop feeling sorry for yourself and do what weapons do: You will kill. You will kill until the pain of your enemy mirrors your own.”

I will be in a corner hugging this book for a while.

And I’m Out..

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