Beautiful Broken Rules ❤

I literally started this at 8pm and finished it at 5am, I am completely exhausted but here we go…

I needed a short feel good read that was going to give me a few ounces of cozy in between reading ACOMAF. I saw the description and was immediately intrigued. 

This is the first book I’ve read where the stereotypical gender role was switched in the case that the main character Emerson, didn’t get attached to people, slept around, didn’t say I love you (even to her sister) she had a 3 time rule and everything. It was actually nice to see someone write that part as a female for once. 

There were so many times where I wanted to scream and throw my kindle because Em and Jaxon were a match made in heaven but their arguments throw you through very frustrating loops. You’re constantly awing and then grumbling. 

From the first time they met; as Em was sneaking out of a frat house in basically nothing to the very ending, they were a beautiful couple. 

Their relationship seemed very realistic and thought out because they went through so many hardships and arguments to get where they stood at the end. They each had their own personal issues to work out and even though times got difficult and almost unbearable they still had undeniable feelings for each other. 

I am not going to lie I cried about 5 different times, but I’ll just blame that on being sleep deprived xD. It does have some verysmokey scenes that I was NOT expecting, but other than that it’s a super sweet and lovable read. 
Short Girl Out, Signed;


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