Everything, Everything 🎀

Long Review:

I enjoyed Everything, Everything quite a bit. I read it fairly quickly and felt the emotions between every sentence, sometimes every word. I did cry, although it was a short amount of tears, if an author can bring me to tears, they are doing something right.


I recently came across a review that directly asked: But then what’s Madeline and Olly’s relationship without the illness? –Of Pens and Paper

That struck me as a really good question, that surprisingly never crossed my mind until now. I agreed with 90% of her review in the case of diversity, skimming over problems, rushed relationship, ect. 


There was precisely a decent amount of diversity, as ‘Of Pens and Paper’ said “Madeline is African-American, and Carla is Mexican.” As well as with white characters. Nicola Yoon handled the race part well, in my opinion. 

Yoon tended to not dive deep enough into problems such as Madelines illness, her mothers mental illness was basically stated and further blown off, and Olly’s abusive father brought no light in the end. These were simply unhandled or skimmed over as if they were just plot points instead of issues. Which leads me to remove a star from my review.

Olly and Madeline did have a very fast going relationship, it paced from friends to feelings quite suddenly. This wasn’t necessarily a big deal to me but it could’ve been spread out within a longer time frame. 

Back to the Question: (spoilers)

Yoon should’ve dove deeper into certain plot points and handled them much better, and the diversity was appreciated but needed more structure. Madeline and Olly’s relationship is another thing. Their relationship was particularly cheesy and rushed. It happened quite quickly. In my opinion, the illness did play a big part in their relationship but, their love doesn’t seem based on it to me.

I don’t even know if it was love, maybe it was meant to happen fast because it was her first relationship, she was a teen and no that doesn’t mean it wasn’t important, its just an age of hormones and it could’ve simply been a fling, we don’t honestly know what happens to them futuristicly. 

I thought the illness was more of an obstacle rather than being the reason to be with each other. I wanted more details and connection into the characters lives, at the end I felt like their relationship could thrive a lot better since she isn’t caged in and sick.

He started liking her before he found out she was sick, so that leads me to believe that is not why he continued with her. I think the feelings REALLY bloomed regardless of the situation. Maybe Yoon should’ve touched base on that more, and should’ve portrayed it differently but it is what it is. 

Let’s Start a Discussion:

What is your answer to the question: But then what’s Madeline and Olly’s relationship without the illness?

Do Olly and Maddy have anything when that is taken away? 

Share your opinion in the comments, I’m intrigued to hear what you have to say..


LongStoryShort Review:

Everything, Everything is just utterly outstanding, I read it in one sitting! 
This book was fulfilled with emotion. You’ll be happy one second
and tears will be falling the next. I liked the relationship between 
Olly and Maddy but I wanted more from them. At the same time, 
while I was wanting more I thought it moved too fast. I do recommend 
this book, it was a wonderful read! 

“I’ve read many more books than you. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve read. I’ve read more. Believe me.” 
― Nicola Yoon, Everything, Everything

Short Girl Out, Signed;


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