Streaks Of Blue 💎

Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this by Jack Chaucer in return for an honest review. 

Review is also on my GoodReads.

I’m going to be honest, I have no idea how to review this..

3.5 ⭐ MAYBE 4.

I liked it, I disliked it.

The detail was precise, well written, sometimes overwhelming with words. There was SO MUCH description. I think he could’ve put more effort into the characters instead of shoving so many adjectives into us. 

Overall decently written though. The first page had me wanting more and I’m not even sure why. It just drug me in with confused thoughts. 

The storyline was undeniably simple, which I expected more from. And I think he tried adding so much description to make up for the lack of plot line? 

The characters were given plain personalities which I didn’t appreciate and then added arrogance was intertwined.

I liked this book because it tended to be inspirational at times and relatable. It took me right into the whole “high school” scene which (I’m homeschooled so idk what that’s like personally) was something I enjoyed experiencing through this novel. I really liked a few of the friendships as well. 

I didn’t like this book because the characters seemed quite flat most of the time. The book had me hooked and wanting more, but another part of me was rejecting it thoroughly at the same time. It took me AGES to finish which isn’t typical for me, I’m a 2-4 days to finish kind of girl. 

I wanted so badly to love this, I had such high hopes for it. I really did. It just didn’t sit the greatest with me. I will not be continuing the series but I thank Jack Chaucer for sending me an ARC of this. 

Short Girl Out, Signed;

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