Understanding The Alacran 🐜

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in return of an honest review. 
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4.5/5 ⭐ 

I’ve expanded my vocabulary in such little page time. *Chapter 1* (Alacran, Trivial, Reefer, Reticent, ect.)

It has been quite humorous and relatable. The description is bulletproof and incredible. “I watched him cook up, pierce his skin, milk blood, and empty the evil liquid into his arm.” The weave of friendship encounters are certainly authentic. Easily enjoyable, for sure!

It flows really well, and is jam packed with useful detail which makes it easy to visualize. I really enjoyed reading it as male lead. I got insight into a guys brain, his thoughts, feelings, ect. It’s neat as a woman to be able to almost first-hand see what he’s like; as a male. If that makes sense?

The nicknames cracked me up! I couldn’t help but laugh throughout the chapters. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Sal (side character) honestly, I just couldn’t pace with him. There was a disinterest for me. Although this book was full of legitimate humor, it was full of truth as well.  

The characters weren’t flat, they had shining personalities, and easily pictured. 

I really loved this book, it just wasn’t great at keeping my attention. I couldn’t focus while reading this, I wasn’t really connected. The plot and everything was perfect and I wanted to just get my attention together to read it but it was difficult. 

(I received this in like May? So it’s been a while. I feel TERRIBLE for taking so long, honestly.) 

Other than that, this book was really good and funny, sometimes we need a good laugh. This book will definitely give you that!!

Thank you so much for sending me an ARC of this : Jonathan LaPoma

Short Girl Out, Signed;


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