The Unpopular Opinion Book-Tag

As a great start to a new month I decided to finally post my Unpopular Opinion Book Tag. I was nominated by The One and Only Solly @The Bookish King and by Emma @Thoughts of a Brown Eyed Girl 

With That Being Said, Let’s begin…

1. A popular book / series that you did not like: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman 

I tried really hard to stick with this book, I attempted to read it twice..and failed miserably. I actually got 1/4 to 1/3 through before DNF-ing it both times. I enjoy learning about politics and government, but my mind couldn’t grasp this one. It was slow and boring for me. I didn’t enjoy the characters much either for as much as I read. 

2. A popular book / series that is hated, but you love: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

This may be one of the clichés, but I loved this book!! I was actually shocked at how much hate it was given after I read it myself. I put my heart and soul into reading this book. I got emotionally attached and fell madly in love with the plot, characters, and relationships. I understand to some level, why it received so much dislike/disinterest, but I personally cherished this novel. I thoroughly worship all of John Green’s book except one: An Abundance of Katherines. (Sorry, JG it just rubbed me the wrong way pal.)

3. A hateable OTP: The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Aghhhh it took me a little to think of an OTP that I didn’t like? Either I’m a hopeless romantic who just loves, love or yeah i’ve got nothin’ the feels are always so good??

I decided on The Sun is Also a Star because it reminded me a LOT like Romeo and Juliet. as cliche as it comes my friends They knew each other for One Day (sound familiar anyone?) They were cute I have to admit, I fell for it a little. It was just lust though and that’s why I say “disliked OTP” because hateable is just too debatable for this book, in my opinion.

Side note: I am just now realizing I loved Just One Day by Gayle Forman which is also pretty cliché and reminds me of R+J as well; but there’s a difference in the storyline, read it! 

4.  A popular genre you hardly reach for: Science Fiction 

It doesn’t matter how many times I pick up a SciFi book, I just don’t enjoy it. I’ve tried to read multiple SciFi novels and it never works out. I either finish it suffering from disinterest or I DNF it completely (which makes me feel terrible but hey it happens, right?)  Sorry to all the SciFi lovers, I just can’t hack it.

5.  A beloved character you do not like: Willem from Just One Year

I didn’t “mind” him but there was no love given either. In the first book Just One Day (mentioned in 3.) I liked him as a character but as he developed into more during Just One Year I found myself becoming more annoyed by his character presence. Sadly.

6.  A popular author you cannot get into: Amie Kaufman

Why so much hate going around in these questions? Lol. I don’t dislike many authors, it’s just certain books that are like poison ivy. With that in mind, Amie Kaufman wrote the Illuminae series and that has been my most agonizing read. I just can’t get into her books, it’s nothing against her personally.

7.  A popular bookish trope you’re tired of seeing: The Rescuing Loves

I really dislike the whole “My life was terrible until I met you”. “I would’ve died if you didn’t save me” ordeal. IT’S. A. TURN. OFF. I want to see badass female leads (even male leads) #NoSexismHere I want to see characters taking control of their own lives! Come on, gather up the courage and make yourself win. You don’t need a rescuer, be your own hero and kick @ss. 

8.  Popular series you have no interest in reading: Maze Runner by James Dashner

I don’t have a particular reason, I just have zero interest in reading it. I have nothing against it, it just doesn’t catch my eye.

9.  A movie / tv show that’s better than the book: Nothing…

I have read books to then watch the movies afterwards and I end up severely disappointed. I end up salty and sad very, very sad. The only book to movie that was comparable for me was, Legend of The Guardians. The book and movie have an equal piece of love from my heart, I didn’t love one over the other. 

I really had fun doing this tag! Thank you again, Emma for tagging me in this. 

On to the others:

  1. Larkin
  2. Sofia
  3. Hannah

Short Girl Out, Signed;






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