Everyday Is Like Sunday: A Memoir

2.5-3 ⭐
I received an ARC of this from the author in return for a completely honest review. 

I’m genuinely so surprised I wasn’t happy with this…

Also on my GoodReads 

Blurb: After graduating high school in the early 1990s, Lonna finds herself trapped at her parents’ home in a tiny, muskrat-ridden, New Jersey town, enduring community college, cutting her split ends, and hoping for near death. All the while, an ominous black cloud and an obsessive best friend stalk her. Unlike her ex-boyfriend, she opts against a restraining order (although every second, she questions this decision). 
Having recently sworn off all men, Andy enters Lonna’s chemistry class and lures her in with rubber gloves, lyrics from The Smiths, and the particles of life that radiate from his being. What happens next makes it hard for her to believe that her existence is not cursed. Destiny, coincidence, or a lesson in statistics—life has a sick sense of humor. 
*Contains some foul language.*

Overall Opinion: Before I begin, I must say.. I absolutely hate writing “negative” reviews, it breaks my heart a little bit but sometimes you just don’t like what you read and you have to be honest about it. 

The blurb hooks you, it makes wonder grow inside our brains until you can’t handle it and you finally read it. I. Just. Couldn’t.  

*Me trying to throw salt but be respectable at the same time* is it working?

The writing was very ‘meh’ for me, there was nothing spectacular, no ‘woohoo this is great’. Nothing. 

I didn’t grow attached to the characters, whatsoever. Which is a huge disappointment for me because that’s the main part I look forward to when reading books. Also the thing that ends up hurting my heart by the end 

The plot was okay; it wasn’t terrible, I didn’t hate it but I was uninterested. I found it boring, although there were a few “Wam Bam Relatable” ishhh going on, it wasn’t detailed or written well enough for me to go “Holy Eff Thats So Me!!” 

I’m so so sad because I wanted to enjoy this, it was one of my most anticipated reads for July, I waited months for this to come in the mail. But sadly, a let down.. 

To all the readers who loved reading this and wrote wondrous reviews about how amazing and lovable it was…Kudos to you. Someone has to sprinkle it in some love, it’s just not gonna be me. 

Thank You Lonna Cottrell-Thompson so much for sending me an ARC copy of this, I really appreciate it. 

Short Girl Out, Signed;

2 thoughts on “Everyday Is Like Sunday: A Memoir

  1. It sucks that you couldn’t enjoy it as much as you wanted to!! But after all, everyone has their reading preferences.

    Seriously though, that blurb really does hook you in :0


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