Beautiful Book Covers Tag!!

In desperate need of a Tag on my blog, its been a little while. I added a little color to this one too! 😉

What y’all think? 


  1. Numero One: Elissa Blue EBElissa Blue’s cover is my absolute favorite! The colors are so mellow and aesthetic. It also feels like a smooth canvas I just can’t even handle it. It’s the most beautiful one on my bookshelf to be honest. 💚
  2. Numero Two oo oo: Black City BCProps to Black City for being my second favorite book cover of all time! The font of the title is just *swooning cause I’m weird about fonts*. The colors contrast really well together. It’s just pure bliss, BLISS I TELL YOU! 💜
  3. Numero Tres in da houseee: The Accident Season TASHave you seen a more perfect THRILLER cover? It just fits sooo well. It’s an eye catcher for sure. *We say don’t judge a book by its cover but we all secretly do* I only bought this book because it looked friggin’ neat and it ended up being such a fantastic read! ❤ (It kind of reminds me of The Girl from The Sea book cover) P.S Review is on GoodReads exclusively for now CLICK HERE to read! Me nonchalantly sliding in a self promo.
  4. Numero Four and there will be one more: Looking For Alaskaaaaaa!Looking For AlaskaY’all already know how I feel about this book….right?! please say yes…If you say no, check out my review by clicking the book title link. (lowkey sliding in a self promo…again…) This cover is so simple but so great, the shading in the smoke is JUST GAH *the tattoo lover in me is going nuts cause shading is keyyyy* This is my all time favorite book and one of my beloved covers. Moving on… 💛
  5. Numero the very last…sadly. The One. The Only: A COURT OF MIST AND FURYACOMAF 2If you don’t think this cover is the most elegant thing ever, we can’t be friends. I’M KIDDING COME BACK; COME BACK I LOVE YOU! But I do indeed love this cover, ACOTAR is beautiful too but this ones better and guess what?! ACOWAR is EVEN MORE stunning so BAM CHICKA WOWOW (but I haven’t read that yet sooo) This is book beauty for your eyes to see. TAKE A LOOK FELLAS. 💙

That is all my dear beautiful peoples…Feel free to tell me your favorites in the comments below! First Saw this on Spines and Covers

I hope you were fascinated by my 5 Favorite Book Covers, and as always

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for viewing/interacting with my blog and I. I am so grateful for you all.

Short Girl Out, Signed;


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