Wonder Woman Book Tag

I hope y’all aren’t getting tired of book tags; I kind of am but they space out review posts. And Since I am currently on vacation, living it up in New York, this’ll have to do. 

1. Wonder Woman:  Your favorite badass female book character.

Elise from White Fur has been my main lately. She has the best idgaf attitude without being ignorant and I love it so much. She’s brave, and herself. She’s proud, and doesn’t let anyone think she’s trash. She says/does what she wants, when she wants and doesn’t apologize or give a damn about what anyone’s reaction. She stands up for herself and what she believes in. She’s loud and speaks her mind; in situations where most people would remain silent. She fights, she’s righteous, and she is a powerful badass woman. 

2. Fantasy Island:  A book setting you want to escape to.

NARNIA!!! Ever since I was *this high* basically the same height I am now cause I’m short af I’ve always wanted to go to Narnia. It looks like so much fun, and crazy interesting. How I feel about Narnia is how most people feel about Hogwarts. I wish I could cuddle and love up on Aslan the lion, I friggin’ love him so much. He’s the cutest!!

3. London:  A hyped book that let you down.

I don’t read a whole lot of “over-hyped” books. The most let down hyped book I’ve read would have to be Everything, Everything. Which I did indeed like, there’s just a lot of controversy in it and mixed thoughts for me.

4.  Steve Trevor:  A book that has a beautiful cover and a great story.

ELISSA BLUE I love this cover sooooo much and the story is the sweetest. Honestly is one of the best. Y’all know how I feel about this cover, it’s lovely. 



5. Lasso of Truth:  A book you hated.

I could list the books I hate…Just One Year -Gayle Foreman, Currently hating Zenn Diagram -Wendy Brant, Absolutely hate An Abundance of Katherines -John Green

I’ll stop there for the sake of being nice. 😂

6.  Wonder Woman’s Shield:  A book so sad you need a shield.

Life of The Party -Christine Anderson has to be my most painful read, and not because it’s bad; but because it’s so heartbreaking. It’s an emotional roller coaster, one that even the bravest are afraid to ride. LEMME JUST TELL YOU. I cried for ever and ever, I honestly had 0% grip on my feels. 

7. Ares: A villain that is scary but you can’t seem to hate. 

Ermmm. Someone who’s evil but I can’t hate? 🤔 I have no idea. Ryan from Feel Me Fall -James Morris. He was a d*ck but I still enjoyed his lifeline. Sometimes those types of people are lovable? I dunno, okay?! xD

8.  The Amazons:  A book that you wish had more / better LGBT+ representation.

Anything really, diversity is always key and I don’t read a lot of books with LGBT+ in them and I think it should be somehow incorporated in more books positively.

Justice League:  What superhero book friends do you tag?

 Anyone and Everyone who’s interested!!! Feel free just post your blog in the comments so I can read your answers!!! Thank you so much Emma The Brown Eyed Girl for tagging me, it was so very kind of you. 

With that being said, thank you to every single follower and person who takes the time out of your day to like/comment and interact on my blog. You all are so special to me and you encourage me to keep doing what I do. Lots of Love!!! I can’t wait to get back home and reply to y’all!

Short Girl Out, Signed;


6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Book Tag

  1. It would actually be so cool to go to Narnia?? I remember when I first read the book as a kid, I kept on climbing into the closet because I somehow thought it would magically transport me into that world. :’)

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