Passport to Pinterest (Book Version)

This is something totally insane and not my norm, but I saw it on a GoodReads post. I clicked on to this girls blog (which is so damn beautiful I choked) Olivia Jarmusch 

So she had this idea and it combines some of my favorite things, Pinterest of course is my home and Blogging about Books! I altered some of the rules to fit the bookish criteria. 


1. Open your Boards.

2. Open (Or any random number generator website or app of your choosing.)

3. Enter the number of pins on your first board. For example, my first board is “Photography” with 84 Pins. So I typed in the number 84 on the number generator app.

4. Click “Generate.” I got 80!

5. Find your 80th pin on that board. (Insert your own number)

6. Share the image of that Pin in your new Blog Post, and a little blurb about why it’s important to you, and what book it reminds you of!

7. Continue the process with ALL or as many of your boards as you like!

8. Tag another blogger! (Or However Many You’d Like!) 


Photography Board

Okay, Why is this particular image important to me? I feel like this image has a hidden meaning behind it such as “Keep yourself grounded even when the waves catch up to you.” I love beach photography, I had a beach photoshoot a few weeks ago actually. (and it was freakin freezing! of course it’s 90 degrees now though.)

It reminds me of the book “The Girl From The Sea”

Bad⭐ss B⭐tch Board


This quote has a lot of meaning to me because my whole life my mom instilled to never rely on a man to build your life. I can do it myself first and then fall in love. Granted I can’t control when or at which rate that happens, I know that I can take care of myself before i’ll ever need to lean on another person to be successful or happy. I love “empowering” quotes like this. In no means do I think I am superior to the opposite sex, I hope nobody gets the wrong idea about this one.

This one reminds me of “Since You’ve Been Gone”

Disclaimer: The book links are to my rookie review days and they kind of suck just so you have a warning to lower your expectations before clicking them. 😂😂giphy-downsized.gif

If you do this, feel free to tag me so I can see yours, i’d love to check them out!!

Who I tag… Sophia and whoever else wants to do it.


Short Girl Out, Signed;


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