For Las Vegas…

This is a very difficult time in the U.S as we hear more about the Las Vegas shooting on Sunday night. (Oct.1) 

My heart goes out to every single person involved and their families. It breaks my heart. I hope they figure out the motivation behind the gunman’s actions and everyone keeps the victims and their families in mind. For the love of Country Music, people gathered to see Jason Aldean perform and what should have been a happy night quickly became catastrophic. As I know someone from Vegas, I hope he is safe and okay. Solly Bear. I will never understand why some feel the need to act like this or what they are getting out of it, but I hope this ends. There’s so much weight on my heart for Las Vegas and I felt the need to make a post honoring those who have been lost or hurt and their friends/families. Much Love to ALL of the world but especially Vegas tonight. #PrayForLasVegas


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