The Lesser Bohemians

3/5 ⭐ 

Recommend, especially if you understand Shakespeare 

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I already had so much to say 2.5 chapters in, which is typically a good thing, right? Not in this case. I found it really difficult to follow. The pages were quite poetic and rhymey, but I was often confused. I’m terrible at reading poetry and understanding it. I felt like I was readingShakespeare because my mind couldn’t comprehend the words after reading sentences over and over. I’ve never actually experienced this while reading.

The sentence structure lacks basic English and Grammar rules. It was a large combination of 1-word “sentences” and run-ons. I have no idea who the characters really are or what they look like, I know nothing about who they are as people nor what their personalities are. I only had view to dialogue but even that was splotchy and hard to follow.

Example: “Ah you really shouldn’t do that, you know. What, read? Fold it back, it’ll break the spine.” I read this exact sentence 3 times, 2 of which I had to go extremely slow and over analyze it because there was no representation of a conversation occurring. There were no quotation marks to indicate dialogue, and there was no “he said, she said” so it was difficult to figure out who was saying what.

It also lacked sensory details, they were iffy. One thing it captured was social slang but once again, only parts made sense to me. With these faults, I must say there were some “poetic” parts that were Hella quote worthy or just sounded glorious but most likely meant something similar to garbage?? I Dunno. yikes.

This novel has a TON of praise from big publishing companies and such which kind of mind boggles me. I seriously thought to myself “Is this self-published? Because I don’t think many would be able to read this and thoroughly grasp what the narrator or author is trying to portray.” I feel guilty for thinking this but I honestly have no clue…

I often enjoy when authors include metaphors 

but every page is wrapped, shaped and overloaded with them. They’re too much for my wittle brain to take in. I found myself reading the same page multiple times before even slightly visualizing what was happening. I’ve never been so frustrated grammatically, like this. Reading this for me at parts I felt as if I was learning a language nobody has yet heard of. 

I’m not sure I should say I’m disappointed but I’m not thrilled. The plot was still great and full of life lessons/connection with today’s society. Which probably explains the praise it has received. 

You’d think lack of comprehension would completely take away from the actual story, but I still couldn’t stop reading it. It was like my frustration was turning into desire? Weird huh. Defying physics? Possibly. 

After a while of reading it you get used to the odd writing style and it flows a lot better. If you sit it down for a day or two, when you pick it up again you have to get adjusted to it each time. 

With all of that criticism, the story between the cracks was phenomenal. 


“Flesh scraping fear against the Do of my brain.”

“Glazed under bath water I go seven to eight. Drip moments remaking last night’s puce mistake. Dream I am turned slender and high as an arch.”

4 thoughts on “The Lesser Bohemians

  1. MEH!! 😐

    IF YOU DIDN’T “LOOOOVEEE” THE BOOK, please keep it AT LEAST a hundred yards away from me! 😂😂😂 I have NO DESIRE TO READ THIS NOW.

    And seriously though, ” Ah you really shouldn’t do that, you know. What, read? Fold it back, it’ll break the spine.” WHAT THE FUCK (bold, underlined, italics and all that shit 😂) IS THAT??!?!?! Whoever is saying this seems a dumbass. ‘Ah, you really shouldn’t read because it’ll break the spine.’ LIKE DUU-UDE!! You are in danger of getting YOUR spine broken sometime if you don’t get a hold of this simple, little process called “FORMING INTELLIGIBLE SENTENCES” LMAO!!! GODDD!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂 aw im sorry.

      IKR it was hella confusing. I’ve never had so much difficulty reading a book. Besides Shakespeare. And hahaha Here’s how it should have been written. “You really shouldn’t do that, you know.” I said. “What, read?” “No, fold it back, it’ll break the spine.” (The guy always folded the whole page behind his books if that makes sense and she was calling him out on it.) 😂😂 but yes the author made me frustrated. What happened to punctuation marks. I have no clue. I get annoyed enough when people text with terrible grammar, let alone a novel.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SERIOUSLY THOUGH!!! *rage eyes* TEXTS THAT LACK ANY COHERENCY….UGH… murderous spirit is INSTANTLY awakened! xD

        AND ASHHH!!!! LOOK AT THAT NEW HEADER!!!! ❤ ❤ oOooooOooOoOoo….*WHISTLES* *FAILS* ;p

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah definitely.

          Awe thannnnnnks. It took me forever, and I was getting hella frustrated making it. I also edited some widgets and lightened the background shade. ❤❤❤ You’re the sweetest!! I can whistle pretty well *whistles* 😉 Lol


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