I’m being very bold and going to write this whole post in red…because I can bish. So yesterday (Oct. 16) I reached 50 followers. Blows ma-damn mind. How’d I get here? I kind of feel like that girl from Dorothy Must Die can’t remember her name STOP JUDGING ME. 


I feel like Heathcliff I’m just gonna DISAPPEAR for like 2 years because idgaf 😂😂😂😂 kidding, kidding, kidding…

All jokes aside; I am insanely siked out, shook, and about to jump out of a plane. Kidding.

I can’t believe I’m at 50 followers, it doesn’t seem like a large number but to think 50 individuals in a gymnasium (hypothetically) that’s a decent group of people. To see that many people interested in my lowkey-lame content warms my heart. I never thought my blog would even reach 10, if I’m being honest. I’ve always had trouble figuring out what content I should provide that was at least decent quality enough for people to read. I found a perfect outlet and I’ve met a lot of truly wonderful people in the bookish community. 

I added my Portfolio yesterday because photography is another generally large part of my life as is reading. Maybe ya’ll will enjoy seeing my work as well, who knows? *shrugs* 

Your likes and comments make my day. I love reading through different peoples opinions. I’m extremely grateful that everyone I have encountered on my blog has been supportive. I haven’t received any hate and that’s a blessing. 

If y’all have any Bookish topic suggestions you’d like to read about my perspective of then feel free to comment down below those. Thank you for supporting me and my blog. I’ve never been more thankful. Y’all are amazing and I love you. 

My style of theme and writing has changed significantly over the past 5-6 months. I’m continuously evolving as a person and as a writer which is always something to be proud of.

Thank you to my mama for being supportive, to Rain❤ for being one of the best friends a girl could ask for and someone to be hella random with, for making me laugh, for always lifting me up, for always being there and reminding me of the beauty in the world, to everyone else in my life who has been a great help and a great guide for my blog and I.


Life Update:

My twin nieces are to be born any day between now (Oct. 17) and (Oct. 26)(Induction Date). I hope they look up to me as from the moment they’re born up until they grow into women. I am a proud Auntie already and I can’t wait to meet them. I’m hoping they’ll fall in love with reading just as I did. I hope to be a great influence and wish for them to be educationally driven. I want to teach them to be themselves and to live out their dreams no matter what anyone says. I hope they always know they are beautiful and don’t need validation from others to know that. I can’t wait to see their beautiful little features and to love up on them. 

P.S I get to be in the room when they’re born so ya girl’s so stoked you have no idea.


-Soon to Be; Auntie Ash

Much love to all y’all and I hope every single one of you smile today. You are beautiful, you are kind and y’all are pure liquid GOLD. Love yourselves and be happy. ❤❤❤

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