Spook The Reader 🎃 Trick Or Treat Edition

First of all that pumpkin emoji is creepy as f*ck. 🔝 Definitely a trick in the making. 

In honor of Halloween, I gathered up a collection of puuuuurfect reads for the season, holiday, thing. 

I asked a few friends on my GoodReads (linked HERE) to horrify my comments section with Must Reads for Halloween. Devilish? I think yes. 

My inner soul is living for this shh-

Before I begin a Thank You to, David (GR) and Caidyn (BWBookReviews & GR). This post honestly wouldn’t have been even remotely possible without them and their suggestions. 

On To The Good ‘Ol Horror:

The novels are in order by Published Date…Starting with (Stephen King) because I have 5 book suggestions for him. Including: Anything + Everything in between.

Based on the GoodReads ratings (⭐’s) we will discover together whether they are a trick or a treat. Trick meaning low stars (2.5 or below) Treat meaning high starts (3 or above)

This was a treacherous disaster but I guess that means the recommendations I received were Top Notch and I appreciate that. I’m honestly kind of sad because I thought this was going to be a really great idea and all of them were treats. Maybe I should be happy?? *shrugs* I dunno. Now my post is hella lame. BLAH.

As most know Stephen King is legendary in the Horror genre. He manipulates worlds and characters into these terrifying novels which are perfect for Halloween. 

The rest of the listed novels were recommended for this specific post and would love to hear about them if you have read them before or will be reading them before the night of haunting arrives. Seeing how they all have more than 3 stars, they have to be decent quality. 

Y’all know I’m always down for providing precisely high quality recommendations. With 10 days until Halloween I thought it would be fitting to produce this content. I hope y’all enjoy this lame-ass chilling, BOMB-A$$ post. 

I apologize because I was so hyped for this post and was highly looking forward to writing this. It has become a HUGE black-hole of Garbage™ and I’m quite disappointed. HOPEFULLY Sunday’s post will be a lot more alluring and read-able. SORRY FOR YOUR EYES. This post is like staring at acid. 

*begs for forgiveness*

Short Girl Out; Signed,



9 thoughts on “Spook The Reader 🎃 Trick Or Treat Edition

  1. Now, now, Ash. 😒 Why would you think this was a disaster?? 😂 I FUCKING ENJOYED THIS POST!! ❤ Loooooooved this idea!!!!! DAMN, YOU ARE NOTCHING UP YOUR BLOG AND DOING A PRETTY GOOD JOB AT IT!!! 😁😁 YOU GO, GIRL!! 😍😍 ( I can NOT pull this off in reality!!! 😂😂😂)

    And you know what, I HAVEN’T READ A SINGLE WORK BY STEPHEN KING!! 😭😭 I KNOWWW!!! I don’t deserve to live on this planet!!! 😭


    Thanks for the most perfect post for Halloween, Ash.

    ❤❤ 🎃 🎃 👻 🎃 👻

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Ohh!!! And I am on Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff!! 😍 AND The Sea Beast takes a lover ( an ARC) . I haven’t posted anything for some time, right?? 😂 Guess I’ll do one today. LOOOK OUT!!! 😉❤

            Liked by 1 person

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