Bookworm Problems We All Have…

“He Said “Books or Me” I sometimes remember him when I’m buying new books…” 

🔺”Too Many Books”

With the love of books, comes the hate from people who will never understand. It’s a fault “normal people” have. They’ll always ask why we ‘waste’ money on literature. Why we collect books, why literature is more important that chores. They will never get it. And we’ll always have to hear them complaining about it. 

🔺Post Series Depression / Post Reading Sadness

This can be the largest lead-up to Reading Slumps™. This is the torture our inner soul inhabits after reading an outstanding novel or series. When it’s over, you just look around and see people going about their normal lives. You’re just like “Do you not realize I just went through hell and you’re acting normal…?” You have no idea what to do with yourself.

🔺Second Hand Embarrassment

When a character does something awkward or a scene gets a little to spicy and you feel like everyone around you is reading it too. You look around and see if anyone’s watching. (Almost like when you take out your earbuds to see if everyone around you can hear what you’re listening to…) Sometimes you will even stop reading until you’re alone…depends on what’s going on in the book. 

*Alright Alice, how about you give us a little somethin’ to wonder about*

🔺Book Ache

No matter where you lay/sit/stand and read a book, there will always be an ache somewhere in your body telling you to re-adjust yourself. On your belly, on your back, on your side, on your other side…

upside down, on the wall, on the chair, on the table. Under the table, behind the refrigerator. THERE’S NO COMFORTABLE WAY TO READ.

🔺Reading Slumps

This is the most dreaded occurrence to ever happen to a reader. Reading slumps, they come out of nowhere, knock you down, and make you have no interest in reading anything. You hate it all until one drags you out by your hair and the pain never felt so good. (ew wtf ash) *ignores that sentence*


Seeing a book with a folded corner, or writing on the pages sends you into an rage. When you see people throwing books away thinking they’re useless, your heart breaks. When someone throws shade on your favorite novel you feel betrayed and sad. When you meet someone who shares the love of books just like you do, your heart melts into a puddle of magic.


Short Girl Out; Signed,


7 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems We All Have…

  1. I literally relate to so much of this!! I am currently in a reading slump and it is so annoying and omg, post reading sadness is such a problem! I often get sad as I approach the ending of a great book/series because I just don’t want it to end!!

    Liked by 2 people


    And OH MY GODDD!! ALL OF THESE ARE SOO F*CKING RELATABLE LIKE…..WOWW! And ESPECIALLY that Second Embarrassment thing. DAMN! 😂😂😂😂😂 Anytime a character does something SUPREMELY STUPID, I just sort of squeal, cover my eyes, blush, close the book, lie down, obsess over it and REPEAT. 😂😂😂😂

    I LOOOVED THIS POST, Ash. You just get keep getting BETTER AND BETTER. 😍😍❤❤❤

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