Gone Girl Review

3.5 ⭐ 
Also on my…Blog 11/30/17 @6am ET

Disclaimer: Includes sexual content, which I was unwarned of in any reviews I read before hand, and gruesome descriptions.

I’m going to be completely honest (as always) I don’t like any of the MC’s. I don’t like any character in this book except Margo, and even her I’m unsure of. 
The most character development occurred within Nick and Amy. 
A lot of the characters were #HateWorthy 
Margo was a badass, her attitude is just..Queen, like bish I shall bow and worship you. 

Overall Opinion:
In the beginning I had high hopes, talk about description and superb writing style. IN LOVE. Hated the characters blah blah. The setting was intensely vivid and bomb af. You put yourself into the plot. The puzzle becomes a part of your life, and trust me your thoughts will revolve around solving it. I buddy read this with my Lit teacher (shout out to you, you da bomb, thanks for reading this with me!) and SHE FREAKIN’ CALLED THE PLOT. She messaged me and told me she had a crazy theory, and she hit the nail on the head… Props to you smart little cookie 🍪😉😂

It was a good thriller, and I kind of needed something different so it was enjoyable. I spent my days wanting to just ignore all responsibilities and read instead. It’s full of twists and turns and you have no clue what’s coming to you…It’s intense and crazy and you will question every single person. You just don’t know.

Anything written below this point will be considered a spoiler… Read at your own risk. #NotMyFault (if you get spoiled) 








AMY- I hate her because who frames her husband for her murder? JUST DIVORCE HIM YOU VENGENCE SEEKING B-TCH. but love her mastermind. I solute your psychopathic mind, profound planning, and for the lengths you’d go through to get back at people. You nutcase. 

NICK- I’m honestly not surprised you cheated…What does that say about you? I don’t know. I legit thought he was the murderer off and on. 

The guy she murdered near the end whom I may or may not forget the name of– I definitely didn’t mourn your death…sorry?? You were controlling, insane, and kind of fit in the same box as Amy. CREEP! 

Said Guy’s Above^ Mother- You dumb. That’s all. Like the amount of salt you are, would give me a heart attack…just saying… 

The reveal…I was shook. Like SHOOK-ETH you have no idea. I was like omfg she knew…my Lit teacher knew and that shook me MORE THAN THE FREAKIN REVEAL. It all made sense though. 
Every tiny detail was precisely positioned and it worked..she won.

I’m pissed at the ending, I received no closure. I mean… yeah he deleted his book and stopped conversing with the cop and all that jazz. But how was life with the kid? Did she ever get convicted? Did ANYTHING HAPPEN TO THAT CRAZY LADY?! What about the ‘friends’ she made at the cabin area she stayed? What about the dude I cant remember the name of‘s Mother? What about Margo and the cop friend who I also can’t remember the name of? I WANT ANSWERS. 

Imagine the life that kid will live…god forbid he makes a mistake and his mom sets him up for murder. 

I’m very confuzzled but everything makes sense at the same time. One of the weirdest, most insane, mind game playing thriller/suspense novel I’ve ever read. 


Short Girl Out; Signed,

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