Holiday Bookish Gift Guide!

To Kick off The Holiday Season:

I decided to schedule some holiday posts…


Holiday Staple For Readers:

One of the best things for us book lovers is to curl up on the sofa with fluffy pj’s, a blanket, a cup of tea, hot cocoa, or coffee and our favorite books. Sounds amazing, AM I Right?! 

My First idea would be to get them a cozy blanket, and a box of tea, cocoa, coffee, throw in a mug!! (don’t actually throw it) and maybe a little gift basket. 


Obviously the first thing you should do is ask your fellow book-lover-friends what books they want to read in the 2018 year. (Or look at their GoodReads TBR). 😉

Check out what books are coming out before Christmas and maybe throw in a surprise new-release!! 

Add the book(s) to your cute little bookish basket.


Everyone likes to pack a little punch in the accessories department, right? Bookmarks, Special Editions, Fandom Merch, and More!

Bookmarks are always useful if you’re an avid reader. They can be adorable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time! And luckily, they aren’t too expensive.

Special Editions of books tend to be a little more pricey, but are always exciting. 

Fandom Merch, if you know someone who is obsessed with Hogwarts, TFIOS, Lord of the Rings, or any fandom that has merch available would be a good route to take in gift giving! 

Finishing Touches:

Grab some holiday colorful tissue paper and stuff the basket! Carefully arrange all your items in. Add a sparkly bow!!! TA-DAAAAA and you’re finished.


That is all I have for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and more holiday posts are coming soon!!

Short Girl Out; Signed,


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