Only The Rain -Review

3/5 Stars 

“Spin and die, To live again a butterfly.”

Where shall I begin? This was weird. Like hella weird. 

I hated it and loved it. I fell into the abyss of its strangeness..



I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I picked it. The cover was cool, and the back didn’t say much. The whole email form of the book was completely contrary to what I’m used to. It was such a short novel, but dragged on and on so it felt like it took forever. 
*Sees a drunk, naked girl in the rain who falls and is laughing* 

Maybe he helped her simply out of generosity but he should have left her after helping her up. 
Literally hate how the dog was vilinized because it was a rottweiler. I had a Rottie growing up and she was the sweetest and most laid back dog ever. My little brother would crawl all over her, lay on her, and play with her and she was never once mean. It all depends on how the dog was raised (I was lowkey pissed at this). 

Aside from was interesting, It kept me intrigued even if it was kind of dumb. It felt sloppy, and JUST PLAIN WEIRD, OKAY!? The MC took very idiotic steps in his life and got himself into a mess. That’s what he gets for being dumb though. His father was the bomb-diggity. You go old man!! I have never read about or met such a badass older guy like him. The way he took control in the end was wild and I was so excited, cheering him on. 

This is a super short review, but it was a super short book. 

Do I recommend it? Not really, it was good but not like ‘Everyone needs to read it’ Good. 

7 thoughts on “Only The Rain -Review

            1. Oh, hon! ☹️ Dont think like that! It wasnt just you! Ask anyone! I had cut off any contact with everyone! I mean what with all the shifting and moving and some crisis in my family (BELIEVE ME! If I told you, you would understand why I was away for so long!) + my finals fast approaching, ai pnicked and did what I knew best how to do, shut off from everyone because talkinga bout what was happening would have made me depressed , ESPECIALLY when it was all fresh! But i never expected that you would think like that! 😭😢 GOD, YOU of all people! 😢 Oh, Ash!

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