Life Posts

Hey Y’all. I’ve been feeling very compelled lately to just open up, empty out my emotions/thoughts/feelings. I’ve tried diaries and they’ve never worked out. So, this is going to be a place where I can put things out there and it also helps y’all perceive me more as a person. It may help you develop me as a real life human and you get more of an inside look into how I feel and who I am; rather than getting tiny tid-bits of my personality in my reviews. I have been wanting a place where I can just let go a little bit. Although, I won’t be writing anything super personal because some things I prefer to keep closed off, I think it’ll be good for me to express myself separately from my bookish posts. Thank you to everyone who follows me, supports me and takes the time to read my content. Y’all are so sweet and caring, I love ya all. ❤❤ Forever Grateful -Ash

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